My Re-birth story!


The Pandemic was a phantasmagorical carnival we never could have fathomed. On one side, we saw the havoc a microscopic organism could wreak and on the other side, we saw humans fight unanimously without discrimination of borders, gender, race and colour. Although the economy came to a stand still, we proved to be resilient and have started to pick each other up with faith!

The positive side of Corona : It made us Human!

Being an entrepreneur and a self declared Glippie (my personally coined term for a glam hippie), a major blow to me apart from the unbearable loss of loved ones was stability. Unlike most of my peers, settling down was never for me; be it in a career or in personal life. So, it should not be a surprise that my first blog after a long time is about travel and hospitality. Wanderlust is a fairly new…

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